Pressure Grouting Concrete

A special concrete blend to reliably repair sinkholes and other faults in structures and foundations

Over time, as soil settles and moves, it becomes unable to support the concrete above, resulting in foundational and/or surface damage. Cracked and sunken concrete isn’t just an eyesore, it’s also dangerous, and possibly in violation of safety regulations. If you’re looking to fill sinkholes or are concrete repair company, you need B.E.T.-ER Mix’s quality grouting concrete.

We’ll produce and reliably deliver pressure grouting concrete where, when, and in the amount you need. Our grouting concrete fills the voids in the soil and ensures the foundations are protected, durable, and long-lasting. Whether your project involves fixing a commercial or residential foundation, street, sidewalk, or other slab, you can count on B.E.T.-ER Mix to deliver premium grouting concrete and customer service.

Do you need premium grouting concrete that increases soil’s load-bearing capacity and protects structures for a lifetime?

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The benefits of our pressure grouting concrete include:
  • Versatility – it can be used during new construction, as an add-on preventative measure, or a remedial solution
  • Cost-effectiveness – a long-term solution that costs less than other repair solutions and the consequences of foundational damage
  • Easy applicability – stabilize the soil underneath almost any type of structure — from homes and offices to roads and bridges

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